Dino Cattelan has been working in the in the field of electrical wiring systems for many years, so as to develop the expertise and knowledge that allowed him to set up his own business as an electrician and inventor.  The Dino Cattelan electrical company was founded in 1981 and, thanks to the reliability and professionalism of its founder, the company soon became a leader in the area north of Vicenza.  Finally, in 1993 the C.D.I.E. S.r.L. society was formed.

The C.D.I.E. S.r.L. has always been forward-looking and sensible to the new requirements of the local and international market. The company is constantly growing, offering installations and cooperating for the development, the execution and the maintenance of electrical plants, as well as manufacturing and selling electrical components.

Thanks to a high qualified personnel and to a technologically advanced equipment, C.D.I.E. S.r.L. provide a number of services, connecting the electrical sector with the new frontiers of the renewable energies and home automation.

Our Values

Professionalism, concreteness and trust are the most important values at C.D.I.E. and on these we start our relationship with the customers.

Quality of the services and of the products has always been our first aim, in fact the C.D.I.E. S.r.L. expertise is to develop specific solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

One of our primary objectives at C.D.I.E. is the building of a solid, long lasting and trustworthy relationship with our customers.  Therefore, we commit ourselves in offering high quality services and products, punctual answers to the customers’ needs, respect of the lead times agreed and the research of effective and competitive solutions.

Finally, but not less important, C.D.I.E. S.r.L. guarantee for the safety and the reliability of their work, thanks to our constant inspection and maintenance service.